Crafting a unique scent in botanical perfumery is an artful process that requires a great deal of patience and dedication: it is the metaphysics of the smell and a craft of turning physical materials into aromatic illusions. 

About the perfumer

Arina Franzén is a certified natural perfumer who has been working in niche perfumery since 2019. She is also known as the founder of an alternative artisanal perfumery, "Dark Tales."

Before venturing into the world of fragrances, she worked as a professional writer-biographer and holds degrees in history and psychology.

For her, botanical perfumery is an art that celebrates the beauty of nature's scents. Even though modern trends have supplanted natural perfumery, artisans and perfumers keep this ancient art alive through their dedication and love of the craft. Creating a natural perfume is a breathtaking journey that requires patience, creativity, and an appreciation for the natural world.